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Welcome to the MPAI Store, the organisation in charge of distributing and promoting AI-based technology developed within the framework of MPAI standards. In particular, we foster the creation of a marketplace through which implementers can provide high-quality solutions to end users. We support a modular and low-code approach to AI, whereby specialised components can be assembled into workflows and executed in a standardized environment to perform more complex tasks.

Registration Authority for MPAI Developers

The MPAI Store acts as the official Registration Authority for developers of MPAI-compliant software, issuing them with Implementer IDs

Distribute your AI Software Worldwide

Are you a developer of an MPAI-compliant implementation? Through the MPAI Store, you can distribute your software to the world at large

Download AI Components and Applications

Are you an integrator or an end user? On the MPAI Store you can find all the components you need for your favorite AI-based applications


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About the MPAI Store

A brief history of the MPAI ecosystem

  • September 2021

    The MPAI GME standard is approved

    On the first anniversary of MPAI, the MPAI Governance of the MPAI Ecosystem (GME) is approved as the cornerstone standard describing the relation between MPAI and its ecosystem. According to it:

    • MPAI develops and publishes standards
    • implementers take up standards, write implementations, and submit them to an external Store
    • the Store tests the implementation and makes it available for distribution
    • integrators and end users download components or applications
  • August 2022

    The MPAI Store is incorporated

    The MPAI Store is incorporated in Scotland as a company limited by guarantee

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    September 2022

    The MPAI Store is appointed as official MPAI distributor

    On the second anniversary of MPAI, the MPAI Store is appointed as the official custodian and distributor of compliant implementations of MPAI Standards.

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